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Last updated: December 01, 2021

Become a seller

Popseekl operates a social media-inspired marketplace which allows independent artists and creatives to independently sell the products of their work via our website (the “Platform”).

Issues with your application? Contact us at [email protected]

Create an account

The first step is to create an account. Fill in the registration form and say Yes when asked if you want to sell on Popseekl. The application form will fire up straight after clicking on the Sign Up button.

Apply for a seller account

In case you have received an invite code from our team, make sure to drop it in the application form. If not, you can still proceed by leaving the invite code blank.

Our team will have a look at your application and you’ll get an email notification if you can start selling on Popseekl. Currently, we only get back to approved sellers and the average response time is around 3-5 business days.

Not ready to apply when signing up? Your application form has closed inadvertently? Fear not. Navigate to the Sell tab of your account page, and apply for a seller account form there.

Gear up your profile

Start spicing things up a little to show our team that you are serious about Popseekl! Go to your Account page, upload a Profile Pic and write a Short Bio. You can also change your Display Name in case you want this to be something different than your Username.

Verify your email

Right after signup, you’ll be asked to verify your email address by clicking on the link we’ve sent to your email inbox. If you don’t, we won’t be able to contact you and you’ll never know if you can start dropping on Popseekl.

Create pops

What’s a pop? That’s just a product/piece/artwork/work/item/listing that you upload on your Popseekl store. We didn’t like any of these words, so we made up our own.

As soon as your seller account is enabled, you can create your first pop by clicking on the ➕ button that has magically appeared. Depending on the device you’re using, you’ll find this button in different places.

  • Web-Desktop: at the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Web-Mobile: at the top-right of the topbar
  • App: at the very center of the bottom navbar

We recommend that you start with at least 3-6 pops in order to make your profile juicy🧃. Uploading a new pop is a piece of cake, it can be done in minutes. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how it is done.


For each pop, you can add up to 5 images and 1 video. Currently, video uploading is only supported via our mobile app, so make sure you get it to give the best perspective possible on your pop.

We recommend you add the maximum number of images and vary the perspective of the shots. In addition to full picture photos, take photos of the details to enrich the presentation and make others curious about it.

ATM, images must be squared. You can use our in-app cropping tool to select the portion you want to display, or revert to the photo-editing tool of choice to upload 1:1 images.


Use dropdown controls to select the relevant category, name your pop and add a description.

A great description is key. Use the 1k characters at your disposal to tell buyers everything there is to know about your pop. Caption the title, describe the technique, inform about a particular shipping schedule etc. Pay attention to striking the right balance between details and briefness, you want to give all the relevant information without being verbose.


Here’s where you

  • Select between unique, limited edition and open edition
  • Define the dimensions of your pop, depending on the category you’ve selected at the description step
  • Manage your stock, indicating how many copies make up the edition run, and how many are (still) available for sale on Popseekl

In case of limited/open edition, you can create multiple formats, for which you’ll be able to manage stock separately, as well as to set specific price and shipping fees.

Price & Shipping

Let’s talk money 💰 Indicate the selling price and area-level shipping fees. In case your piece is available in multiple formats, you’ll be able to fill in these values at the level of each format.

Price and shipping make up the gross order value your buyer will pay for. Keep in mind that, before transferring the money to your bank account, we will deduct Popseekl commission and the payment processing fee.

Complete payment verification

I made it, I can start selling! Hold your horses, cowboy. Selling means payments, and payments require security. Until you complete payment verification, your pops will be saved as drafts, and won’t be visible in your store.

The good news is that the verification process only takes a few minutes.

Payments on Popseekl are powered by Stripe, the industry leader in online payments. Thanks to our Stripe integration, you will be able to accept payments from buyers and receive your net payout in exchange for very low processing fees.

What to do in practice? Go to your Account and select the Sell tab. You’ll be asked to indicate your country, and fill in your payout preferences (ex. IBAN for Eu accounts), so that Stripe knows where to send your money. Done? Great, now onto identity verification.

You’ll be redirected to a Stripe-hosted page that will guide you through the identification process. Since payment regulations vary at the country level, we can’t be very specific here about the exact type of information you’ll need to provide, but it’s mainly personal/company details. Please refer to our FAQ section for frequently asked questions about this process.

Sell your pops

When it comes to your money, we live by 3 pillars. Popseekl is transparent, risk-free and fair.

Setting up your shop and listing your pops on Popseekl is completely free. However, as much as we would like to give you the coolest community and the best services for free, that is just not possible.

Popseekl commission

There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep the show running (tech, marketing, support, legal etc.), so we do need to take a cut from transactions. Everytime you sell something, we take 15% of the total order value (price + shipping) before transferring the funds to your bank account.

Payment fee

You will be charged separately for the payment processing fees. Fear not! We have paired with the best. While offering you top-tier services in the payments arena, Stripe is very cheap when compared to other solutions (ex. Paypal).

Fees vary depending on the country of residence of you and your buyer, but as an European seller you should expect to pay 1.4% of the total transaction value ( price + shipping), plus a fixed fee of €0.25 for each transaction.

Make sure to check Stripe’s pricing for more detailed information and updates. In order to check your country’s specific price point, navigate to the footer of that page and select your country: the page will refresh and you will see the pricing that applies to your specific case.

Manage your store

Coming soon ⛓️

🚧 Go live - WIP

Our vision is to make the next level of online commerce accessible for up-and-coming artists and designers. We are working on an ecosystem where you and your ambassadors (stylists, curators, influencers, etc.) will be able to schedule live drop/auction sessions for your limited editions and unique pops.

This feature is currently work in progress, drop us a message at [email protected] if you want to know more about this.


Our T.I.P.S. To Increase your Pops’ Sales are coming soon ⛓️