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Humelie Amulet

Humelie Amulet

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One of six forms in a series by Artist Thomas P. Grogan this amulet, with a smooth, svelte shape and delicate curves resembling the wind, teleports the wearer to places associated with peace and tranquillity, like secluded meadows or quiet beaches. The gentle and calming journey, almost as if being cradled by a soft breeze, also instils a sense of inner peace and serenity, enabling one to remain composed and focused in stressful situations.

Choose between the Necklace Amulet (chain included) or the Garment Amulet (sewn onto clothing).

Material: 100% Photo Polymer UV Resin

Amulet dimensions: h.56 x w.26 x d.7 mm

* Sewing needle and red thread not included and shown for illustrative purposes only. *

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