Last updated: December 01, 2021

How do I get support?

Having troubles? Send us an email at [email protected] Our customer support team will step in and sweep away all issues in a split-second.

What can I sell on Popseekl?

Short answer: you can sell anything you’ve made.

Popseekl is home to the best talents around. We think very highly of you and believe you are a much better curator for yourself than we could ever be. However, we do have some guidelines that can help you out if you’re in doubt.

Your creations

Just to be on the safe side: Popseekl is not about 2nd hand, so you must be the creator of the things you sell. In addition, you should also check that you have all the necessary rights to sell it (see our Terms of Use and our Seller Agreement).

Our categories

Categories are useful to guide people through our archive. Our top-level ones are: art, design, editorial, fashion, jewelry. Each of these categories have subcategories, so it’s likely that you’ll find the right spot for your pop. If you don’t, you can temporarily pick other and get in touch, we’ll work something out to welcome your very own kind of pops.

Can I sell from my country?

Popseekl is currently open to sellers in countries where our payment processing solution is available. Check this page: if your country is in the list, you are good to go!

As we develop our platform further, we’ll add new payout solutions and make Popseekl available in more countries. So make sure to check this article for updates!